Our Mission:

  • – Providing companies in all areas including recruitment, mining, management, construction, oil & gas and other industry leaders a solution to drug and alcohol issues, fatigue management issues, policy development, 3rd party screening services and pre-employment drug and alcohol screening
  • – Promote positive Community outcomes through employment, training, sponsorship and support;
  • – Demonstrate Innovative and Leading operational practices;
  • – Engage with other organisations to deliver wider benefits back into industries including the resource industry;
  • – Meet the expectations of our Markets and Customers;
  • – Supplying quality booking services for training and safety products for companies;
  • – Assist the community in realising the potential and the advantages to the resource industry by promoting family values, women in mining, and job opportunities.

Our values are the foundation upon which we operate and inspire us to deliver proven performance and service excellence:

  • – We value safety and strive to create workplaces where harm to our people is eliminated.
  • – We take pride and responsibility in our work.
  • – We deliver on what we promise.
  • – We act with honesty and integrity.
  • – We strive for service excellence in every aspect of our business.
  • – We like to work as a team and in partnership with our clients.
  • – We will earn the right to be long term partners of choice with all our clients.
  • – We are committed to delivering value and quality on time and on budget.
  • – We have a culture of continuous improvement through training and development of staff.

Our courses, products, services and test kits are currently used in the following industries:

Occupational Health and Safety
Caring Services
and many more!

Servicing all Queensland Regions including Mackay, Townsville, Bowen Basin, Rockhampton, Bunderberg, Gladstone, Roma, Gold Coast, Brisbane.

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